Will and Testaments

It’s always a good time to prepare and maintain your Last Will and Testament…

You need to make sure that all of your finances are in order in the event of your death and you need to make sure that you’ve done everything you can to ensure that you maximise the potential of your estate and minimise any potential tax implications. At JP Goldman Limited we have onsite staff who can arrange both the preparation of your Will and arrange for your estate / assets to be reviewed by a specialist planner to ensure that everything is in good order.

There are numerous reasons to consider preparing or maintain your Will including:

  • Making arrangements for your children in the future;
  • Protection of vulnerable adults;
  • Any house sales / purchases;
  • Second marriages;
  • You have assets based in foreign jurisdictions;
  • You have business assets that require special measures and consideration;

Don’t leave it to the law to arrange matters for you; make sure you’ve arranged your affairs for how best suits you.

We don’t hide our fees from the public – our fees for a simple Will are £200.00 plus VAT for a single Will and £300.00 plus VAT for a husband / wife mirrored Will. If you have utilised our conveyancing services we can offer you a reduced fee because we will have already completed much of the administration and identification checks. From time to time we run promotions so please let us know if you have any form of flyer or promotional e-mail and we will honour any discounts.


The Death of a loved one can be a difficult time, and dealing with their affairs can be the last thing on your mind.

At JP Goldman we understand that probate and estates can be daunting. We have specialist Probate staff who can take the stress out of the situation and deal with matters on your behalf, including obtaining the Grant of Probate, the sale of property, closure of bank accounts and any other matters.

Please feel free to call us on 0161 850 5600 anytime


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We can guarantee the following:

  • A fixed price service – there will be no hidden costs / fees
  • You will have a dedicated fee earner who will not transfer your file
  • Where arranged you can Contact us outside of normal working hours
  • Reduced file loads means more time spent on you
  • Efficient, modern, safe and effective processes employed by fee earners
  • Close working relationships with all parties involved in the case – we can speak with your estate agents and mortgage brokers for you
  • All our advice will be comprehensive yet coherent – we won’t confuse you with unnecessary legal terms with Latin roots
  • All aspects of modern technology embraced – we can communicate with you by any means necessary and send documents by e-mail