Additional Service Charges

(all exclusive of VAT)

Approval of Contract Pack before auction £600.00
BACS transfer £10.00
Buy to Let fee £100.00
Certificate of Compliance for registration £50.00
Cheques/BACS to third parties £25.00
Contract race £250.00
Dealing with a Limited Company £250.00
Dealing with non-owning occupiers on a sale £150.00
Dealing with third party lawyers (eg lender has their own solicitor, matrimonial dispute or related purchase) £300.00
Declaration of Trust (for clients) £200.00
Declaration of Trust (for 3rd party interests) £350.00
Deed of Covenant Preparation £250.00
Deed of Grant (guide only) £250.00
Deed of Postponement £200.00
Deed of Rectification (guide only) £500.00-£750.00
Equity Release Mortgage £300.00
Freehold property subject to a service charge £150.00
Gifted Deposit £75.00
Help to Buy £250.00
Help to Buy ISA £50.00
HMO (multiple occupancy) £250.00
Indemnity insurance required (title, insolvency or other) £75.00
International Bank Transfer £100.00
Key Undertaking – Preparation or approval £75.00
Leasehold Fee (leasehold houses) £150.00
Leasehold Fee (flats / flats subject to Building Safety Act provisions) £250.00 – £300.00
Letter of Non-crystallization (per letter obtained) £50.00
Newbuild TBA
Occupier’s Consent £75.00
Purchase property has more than one registered title to convey £175.00
Rectification of Title (guide only) £500.00
Repayment of Secured Borrowing (per debt) or Removal or registration of a Notice or Restriction on title £100.00
Repayment of Unsecured Borrowing (per debt) £75.00
Retentions for Leasehold properties £100.00
Retrieving files from storage £50.00
Sale property has more than one registered title to convey £100.00
Sale property has more than one charge to redeem £75 (standard)

£150.00 (HTB charge)

Shared Ownership £300.00
Solar Panels £175.00
Statutory Declaration/Statement of Truth £175.00
Transfer or discharge of Legal Aid Charge, Business loan or similar facility £200.00
Transfer of Freehold Building (in association with a leasehold transaction) £100.00
Transfer of Equity TBA
Transfer of Share in Management Company £50.00
Unregistered land/Voluntary Registration of property £250.00
Undertaking to the Buyer’s Lender on a sale £100.00

For the avoidance of doubt, the fees listed above are only appropriate in straightforward cases.  In cases which are not straightforward, and / or we carry out further and / or additional work we reserve the right to charge a higher fee appropriate to the further and / or additional work involved.


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