Are you feeling overwhelmed with the idea of creating a will while also planning for a move? Look no further! In today’s digital age, estate planning has become more convenient than ever before. With the help of digital estate planning services, you can streamline the process and ensure your assets are protected during this transitional period. Join us as we explore how these innovative services can simplify creating a will amidst a move, saving you time, stress, and providing peace of mind for your future.


Introduction to Digital Estate Planning Services


Digital estate planning services can help make the process of creating a will simpler and less stressful. This is especially helpful if you are in the midst of a move, as it can be difficult to keep track of all your belongings and paperwork.


There are many different digital estate planning services available, so it is important to do some research to find one that best suits your needs. Some services allow you to create a digital will online, while others provide more comprehensive estate planning assistance.


If you are interested in using digital estate planning services, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it is important to make sure that the service you choose is reputable and has a good track record. Second, you will need to have an idea of what you want your will to accomplish before you begin the process.


finally, be sure to read the terms and conditions of any service you use carefully before signing up. By taking these precautions, you can ensure that your experience with digital estate planning services is positive and stress-free.


Types of Wills and Trusts Available


When you create a will or trust, you are essentially putting your affairs in order and spelling out how you would like your assets distributed after your death. This can be a complicated process, especially if you have a lot of assets or if you are planning to relocate.


Digital estate planning services can help simplify the process by providing templates and tools that make it easy to create a will or trust that meets your needs. There are several types of wills and trusts available, and the right one for you will depend on your individual circumstances.


Here is a brief overview of the different types of wills and trusts available:


  1. Simple Will: A simple will is a basic document that spells out how you would like your assets to be distributed after your death. It can be used to designate a beneficiary for your assets, such as your spouse, children, or other relatives. You can also use a simple will to appoint someone to manage your estate after your death and to specify funeral arrangements.


  1. Living Will: A living will is a document that spells out your preferences for medical treatment if you become incapacitated and cannot communicate your wishes yourself. For example, you can use a living will to specify whether you would like to receive life-sustaining medical treatment or not.


  1. Trust: A trust is an arrangement in which property is held by one person (the trustee) for the benefit of another person (the beneficiary). Trusts can be used for a variety of purposes, the most common trust when moving home is a Deed of Trust (see link to our blog about these).


Benefits of Digital Estate Planning Services for Moving Home


Digital estate planning services can simplify the process of creating a will amidst a move. Here are some benefits of using digital estate planning services:


  1. You can access your documents from anywhere.
  2. You can share your documents with your family and friends easily.
  3. You can make changes to your documents easily and quickly.
  4. You can have peace of mind knowing that your documents are safe and secure.


How to Get Started with Digital Estate Planning


Digital estate planning services can help you create a will and manage your assets amid a move. Here’s how to get started:


  1. Choose a digital estate planning service that fits your needs. There are many digital estate planning services available, so be sure to choose one that offers the features you need.


  1. Follow the instructions provided by the service to create your account and add your assets.


  1. Use the service’s tools to create your will and designate beneficiaries for your assets.


  1. Keep your information up to date as your circumstances change. Be sure to update your will and asset allocation regularly, especially if you experience a major life event such as a divorce, birth, or death in the family.


Common Questions About Creating a Will Amidst a Move


  1. What are the requirements for creating a valid will?
  2. How can I create a will if I’m in the process of moving?
  3. What happens if I don’t have a will when I die?
  4. Should I use an online service or software to create my will?
  5. How often should I update my will?


  1. In order to create a valid will, you must be of sound mind and body and be able to express your wishes regarding your property and assets. You must also sign the document in front of witnesses.
  2. If you’re in the process of moving, you can still create a valid will as long as you meet the requirements listed above. You’ll just need to make sure that your witnesses are aware of your move and can still easily get in touch with you.
  3. If you don’t have a will when you die, your property and assets will be distributed according to your state’s intestacy laws . This means that they may not go to the people or causes that you would have wanted them to go to.
  4. You can use an online service or software to create your will, but it’s always best to consult with an attorney before doing so. This way, you can be sure that everything is properly taken care of and there aren’t any mistakes in your document.

5 .You should update your will every time there is a major change in your life, including when you move home.




Estate planning is an important task that no one should take lightly. By utilizing digital estate planning services, you can create a will quickly and easily amidst a move with minimal effort. Furthermore, these services provide peace of mind knowing your assets are protected in the event of death or incapacity. With everything taken care of, you can focus on the bigger picture – enjoying your new life adventure!

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